Code Compliance/ Animal Control

The City of Muleshoe is fortunate to have an Animal Control/Code Compliance Officer (ACCC) available to deal with the myriad animal-related issues that arise in our city, from escaped pets to native wildlife. The ACCC can also assist with Code Compliance issues, which involves things such as junked vehicles and high weeds. While this section operates under the general oversight of the police department, it does not have arrest powers or authority as a Peace Officer under the laws of the State of Texas.  

Stray Animals
Animal Control works to support wildlife management through public education. Our highest priority is to identify options for sustaining wildlife habitat, without interfering with our local wildlife population. However, if a threat to public health or safety exists, ACCC will work with you to humanely capture and relocate these critters. 

Animal Bites
State law requires all animal bites or scratches to be reported to the local rabies control authority. Bites or scratches that break the skin will require the animal involved to be quarantined at a state approved facility for 10 days. This process is used to determine if the rabies virus was transmittable at the time of the bite. Rabies can be fatal to humans and animals, making this our highest priority to protecting public health and safety. If a stray animal bites or scratches a person, and we are not able to locate the animal's owner within 48 hours, the animal is humanely euthanized and tested for rabies.

Resident Complaints
Animal Control will work with you to help resolve most animal related concerns. Issues such as barking dogs, too many animals, unsanitary conditions and stray animals can be addressed by calling 806-272-4569 or 806-272-7462. We will ask that you provide the specific location of the violation, specifics about your concern and daytime contact information. At your request, a member of our staff will complete an inspection and follow-up with you to share our findings. 

Deceased Animal Disposal
To dispose of deceased pet or report a dead animal please call Animal Control  at 806-272-4569 or 806-272-7462. To assist with this process please report a specific location or landmark.

Lost/Loose Pets
Each year, thousands of lost animals across the state are taken in by shelters, and many of these animals never make it back home to their owners. Micro-chipping offers a pet owner the only permanent method of identifying their pet and linking them back to the owner. Some animal shelters and most veterinary clinics are equipped with a micro-chip scanner that shows the chip’s identification number. Remember, our goal is to help return each pet to its home.


$45 Surrender
$20 Impound (initial)
$10 Per day impounded
$10 City tag
$15 Rabies vaccination
Up to $ 150 ( for each violation) (Animal- At- Large) fine through Municipal Court if cited

You can also email AC/CC Officer Ester Estrada at to report concerns or issues as well.

Contact information you may find useful:
• United States Fish and Wildlife Service (505)248-6911
• Texas Parks and Wildlife (806) 253-0636

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