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Chief Roy RiceRoy Rice, Police Chief

Chief Roy Rice came to the Muleshoe Police Department in July, 2012 with over thirty-two years experience in law enforcement with over eight years of those as Chief of Police with another South Plains agency. Chief Rice earned his Bachelor’s degree at Wayland Baptist University after achieving an Associate Degree from South Plains College in Criminal Justice. After graduating from the South Plains Association of Government Law Enforcement Academy, he gained experience in patrol methods, criminal investigations, and police supervision. Chief Rice holds a Master’s Peace Officer certificate/license and is a certified TCOLE Instructor and Firearms Instructor and has taught advanced courses in law enforcement to agencies throughout the South Plains and the Academy. Being involved with SPAG, Chief Rice has served on several advisory committees.

The Chiefs primary duties are to oversee the daily operations of the Muleshoe Police Department and providing well trained, professional men and women to serve the community. A responsibility taken serious by the members of the MPD.


As a member of the Muleshoe Police Department, I am committed to the true sprit of Service and Protection, and strive to do so by:

  • The enforcement of City Ordnances, the Laws of this State, and of the United States, without bias or prejudice while affording dignity and respect to every individual;
  • Providing for a safe and secure community that will enhance the quality of life for our citizens.
  • Pursuing community based partnerships built on the highest level of service and ethical standards possible; and
  • Maintaining proactive preventive, investigative, and enforcement services as we meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • In achieving my mission, I may endure many personal sacrifices, but willfully and profoundly do so, that I may SERVE AND PROTECT.


Muleshoe Police Dept
210 E Ave C
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