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Emergency Management Coordinator


Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Muleshoe and Bailey County.


Texas Code

According to Section 418.1015 (a) of the Texas Government Code, the mayor is the director of emergency management, the county judge for the county. The mayor/ judge serves as the governor's designated agent in the administration and supervision of duties defined in Chapter 418 of the Government Code; may exercise the powers granted to the governor under Chapter 418 on an appropriate local scale; and, has the authority to declare a local state of disaster. As provided by Section 418.1015 (c), the mayor has designated the police chief to serve as emergency management coordinator to assist the mayor/ judge by developing the emergency management plan for the city/county and implementing that plan in response to a potential or actual emergency. 



Chief McHone serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator and is responsible for coordinating all  available assets in the event of an emergency such as natural disaster, pandemic, or a major chemical spill. The City of Muleshoe and Bailey County hold the designation as a StormReady community. 






Be Prepared 

Know the risk, have a plan, and practice it before severe weather strikes. A 20-page Preparedness Guide (PDF) is available through the National Weather Service. 

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